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No 15 December 2007 - Christmas Edition

A Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to all our readers. It's been a great year for the Association and we have achieved so much. We have just submitted our final report, for approval (we hope) from the Heritage Lottery Fund and now will begin our archiving and planning what we should be doing post HLF.

Newsletter Revamp

We want to include more research and articles from members in future issues and also want to send as many as possible via email to save on postage and cut down on paper. Can you please remember to keep your details current and let us know if you do have an email address. Those who have registered your email will have received a much glossier version of the newsletter! We will be doing slightly less newsletters in future, around 3 a year rather than the monthly version we have done this year, but hopefully there will be more and better content.


We are starting to add new information to the site and the oral history section has recently been updated. We are also trying to tighten up on users of the forum as we have been getting quite a lot of unsavoury visitors! We hope any amendments we make do not inconvenience our genuine users.


The funds are quite healthy at present as all our previous efforts were subsidised by the grants we received, but from now on we are on our own! Our priority, responding to feedback from yourselves is to maintain the website, continue with newsletters and work on the family tree. If anyone has any fundraising schemes we would be glad to hear about them.

Desktop Calendar

As part of our fundraising activities Julie & Angie have designed and developed a Diaper Heritage Desk top Calendar. It comes in a slim-line cd jewel case and if opened carefully and folded back properly will stand on the desk to display the calendar. This can be purchased at the reasonable price of 3.50 including postage.


We have put aside 100 copies for members at the special association price of 5.00 plus 2.00 pp, if you buy them in the shops it will cost you 10. So get your order in 'whilst stocks last'. We still have copies of 'Southampton's Marquis' price 5.00 plus 2.00 pp each and just 2 copies of volume I of the family history price 18.00 plus 5.00 pp each. For delivery before Christmas last orders by 10th December, last posting date is 17th December for uk mail.

As you know we are planning a new updated family tree volume in the CD format, we have held off from producing it at the moment because we currently have so much new information coming in - last week alone 21 new marriages were added and 73 new family members! So keep the information coming in, we still have 2,277 Diaper 'twigs' still not connected to the main tree, and we still would like to receive any family photos for inclusion. Currently we are projecting that we will produce the new version in 2008.

Tom Diaper's Log

Our main 'big' project for next year is to get the log re-published. We have had some interest from Seafarer Books that we are pursuing but if they don't take up the option soon we will start looking for an alternative publisher.

Peartree Church

We have heard from the vicar that funds raised from Diaper events have been used as partnership funding to get money for an environmental and maritime trail around the churchyard and to get the Richard Parker memorial restored.

Earliest Diapers

The genealogy detectives reckon they can now tie us back to John Dyaper who flourished in 1520s & 30s. We know he was married at least twice and had at least 7 children. Our oldest identified Diaper in Southampton is still John Diaper the carter who flourished in the 1420s and 30s and it is likely that 3 Diapers of the next generation, also carters were his children - especially as they go by the three popular Diaper names of John, Thomas & Robert and there is a probability that one of these was the grandfather or great grand father of John Dyaper above. However once you are so far back it is difficult to verify some of these assumptions.

Yacht Plans

Over the last couple of years the association has been donated various items of interest to preserve for future generations. Recently we have received the beautifully drawn plans for the schooner yacht Adela 224 Tons y.m. whose name was later changed to the Heartease.

Genealogy - can you help!!!

Your help is needed with the following, if anyone recognises the following and can help us in linking them into the family tree that would be really great.

1. Ann Maria Diaper - born circa 1836 Itchen Ferry, Southampton, married Alfred Strugnell - born circa 1836 on 26 July 1856 St Marys Extra, Southampton. Ann Maria Diapers father is listed as Joseph Diaper. Ann M Diaper and Her husband Alfred Strugnell were living at 5 North Road in 1881 when the census was taken, and had 8 children.

2. William Diaper married to Eliza Berryman in the March quarter of 1840 in Alverstoke. They had at least 4 children, by 1855. In the 1881 census they are recorded as living at 8 Craven Street, St. Marys, Southampton. Ideally we need to find out who Williams's parents were.


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